Where Do Single Moms Go for Housing Needs?

In a world where a woman makes substantially less than a man doing equivalent work, the deck is stacked against women who head single parent families.  Statistics prove that a female single parent is more likely to be categorized as being low income than families with a single male parent at their head.  In the current depressed economic climate this disparity has grown, as employers happily faced with a glut of potential employees, have slashed wages, even while living expenses have not declined but risen.

There are resources for single moms who find themselves needing help finding affordably priced housing and programs to exist to lend a helping hand.

The federal government has a number of programs aimed at helping low income families—single parent included, find and pay for affordable housing.  The most famous of these is the “Section 8” program which is a voucher program that assists in finding and paying for affordable rental units.  The government also subsidizes public housing maintained and promoted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.   The feds also offer a variety of low income direct and guaranteed/insured loans to enable single parents and other very low income parents buy their own homes.  Some of this mortgage programs also assist in refinancing existing homes for needed repairs, and converting fixer uppers into permanent residences.

There are state programs available for low income families as well, and some states have programs that are specifically designed to aid single women with children.  Programs vary from state to state not only in availability but their requirements.  Research into these state level programs should begin with a web search of the Department of Health and Social services or its equivalent agency in the state of current residence.  The state office in charge of programs to assist families should be able to assist qualifying moms in the application process and also re able to refer women to programs on the county and city level as well.

A number of private organizations also offer housing assistance. The Salvation Army, St Vincent De Paul, Volunteers of America all offer some form of assistance to single moms in need, including those in need of help with rent, mortgage or finding safe and sanitary housing.

Other nonprofit organizations such as Mercy Housing and  Habitat for Humanity promote the development and assist with placement in affordable housing, at the same time as they advocate for the development of more programs at the state and federal levels to assist women in need.

A good low tech place to start for mothers in need of affordable housing is the local 2-1-1 call center service.  This is a service available in most states that seeks to be a clearing house for information on social and health programs available in your local area as well as a referral service for food, housing, employment, healthcare and counseling services.

You can find your local 2-1-1 service by doing a search here:


Or by looking up via directory assistance the local call center number.