About Our Site

Here at Income Based Housing we know how difficult it can be to find affordable housing for you and your family. Searching the newspaper classifieds and looking online for information on housing in your area can be a long and time consuming process. And as we all know time is usually not on our side. Most people have heard of government housing , Section 8 and many of the other programs developed to help those in need but every state is different as is everyone’s situation. That is why this site was started. For people to have a single place they can go to find all the information they need on low income and income based housing for the state they live in. This not only saves precious time but can also help to reduce the stress that can come from the fears of not knowing if you will have a roof over your head.

For some basic information on what income based housing is, how it works and who offers help you can visit our home page. You can also visit the resource page that has long list of many of the programs from across the nation or click on the Income Based Housing by State tab at the top of the page to see helpful articles written about programs in your state. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope it is helpful.